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Sweatless Diffuser
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Sweatless Diffuser
Sweatless diffuseris a self-owned brand by Delta Duct Systems, with selfestablished factory for production. The diffusers are produced to meet standard of BS476 ( Part 6 & Part 7 ) Fire Safety Certificate as well as Fire Safety Certificates in Hong Kong & Macau. Nylon 66 fibres are coated onto diffuser surfaces using Japanese technology. Such material is well-known for preventing condensation, non-combustible, durable, resistant to corrosion, resistant to bacteria and mold. It is specially designed for air-conditioning diffusers of shops and restaurants to solve problems and inconvenience caused by “dripping water”. As the nylon 66 material has insulation function, materials like fiberglass and closed cell elastomeric insulation are not required anymore. This reduces carbon dioxide emission and is environmental friendly.